Two Arm Bandit

March 2016  — 
 3D AnimationPixel ArtTitle Design

Viktor was the happiest forklift driver he knew until the day he was fired for an accident at work. In order not to disappoint his girlfriend Sabrina, who works day in and day out in a gambling hall, Viktor decides to pretend a normal working life to her. When one day the electricity is shut off at their home because of unpaid bills, the two of them only see one solution - to steal a gambling machine.

This title design (3 min.) for a fictional action-comedy movie was created within six months in my study course “Film & Animation“. The production team consisted of three members. The art style was heavily inspired by the early video game era and features a unique mixture of 2D and 3D pixel art. To pick up the somewhat gloomy mood of the movie, we used a slightly darker color palette for all assets.

The main characters from left to right: Viktor, Sabrina, The Boss (and a pig?)

After creating the 2D characters in Photoshop, I started modeling all characters and props in 3D using MagicaVoxel. Rigging with Maya wasn't easy as I wanted to maintain the choppy animation style of old 8-bit games. We rendered the almost 3000 frames using a multi-machine setup in RenderMan. Final compositing was done in After Effects and Premiere.

The 3D model of Viktor's forklift