February 2018  — 
 Live ActionShort FilmTechnology

Alfons was only supposed to take care of his daughter Sophie's dog while she is on a business trip. But easier said than done because her house turns out to be a high-tech smart home.

This short film (12 min.) was a semester project by the same team that made Mastercraft. Our intention was to create a film that addresses the generational conflict in relation to the adoption of modern technologies. A humorous story about a conflict that everyone has certainly experienced for themselves.

The film was shot in a real smart home!

After the storyboard and screenplay were finished, we started preparing the production schedule. A lot of organizational efforts were necessary to find a suitable location, actors, props, lighting and camera equipment, and a crew that could cope with all of this. In the end, we even had a professional music composer and a voice actor for our virtual assistant CLEO!

Our film car gave up during production, so we had to push it by hand ...

After months of preparation, the film was finally shot within four days. A lot of people helped us during the filming! Now we could finally start bringing everything together in Adobe Premiere. Minor adjustments were made in After Effects. Final audio mixing was done with Pro Tools in the sound studio at our university.

Interface design for our virtual assistant CLEO