Poco's Colorful Day

August 2022  — 

A surreal Lego stop-motion film (brickfilm) that blurs the boundaries between reality and dream. An imaginative dream journey through wondrously colorful worlds with a self-composed soundtrack.

This Lego animation was inspired by the seemingly endless creativity of every child's imagination. A peaceful world where everything is possible - who wouldn't want to live there?

The film itself was created within about one month. Idea development, set building and animation took about two weeks. The rest of the time was spent on editing. This means that almost half of the total time went into post-production! This also includes the unique sound design which is a major contributor to the bizarre and whimsical atmosphere of the film. More than 300 audio layers along with a seamless blending of synthetic sound design and a self-composed soundtrack bring the world of Poco's Colorful Day to life.

  • Photos taken: ~2800
    • Frames per second: 12
      • Camera: Canon EOS 750D
        • Software: Dragonframe

          This video shows behind the scenes footage of how I created this colorful stop-motion film. Everything was built by myself, no pre-built Lego sets were used. Kind of obvious, after all, the movie is supposed to inspire you to use your own imagination. No matter how you interpret the film - in the end, there are no rules in art, only conventions.

          To match the creative vision of this project, I decided to compose the music for the making-of as well. Of course, this also has the side benefit that I don't have to deal with any legal ramifications of using third-party music.

          A lot of work went into the construction of the detailed film sets. In addition, plenty of secondary animations were used to accentuate the playful nature of this colorful narrative. This meant that I had to concentrate all the more when animating. In the end, I felt I had returned to the original vision of Lego. Maybe I can even inspire some viewers to create their own stop-motion film - after all, the only limit is your own imagination.

          3D scan of a film set