October 2016  — 
 Music VideoPaper CraftStop-Motion

Sunny is a small traditional bakery, from pralines to wedding cakes, everything is lovingly handmade. But when suddenly a factory opens next to him that can produce baked goods much faster and cheaper, the seemingly hopeless competition begins.

This stop-motion music video (4 min.) was produced as a semester project by a team of five. I was responsible for the story development, 3D animatic production, stop-motion animation as well as the postproduction.

The song “Mastercraft” by the Lebanese rock band “Who Killed Bruce Lee“ is about the loss of traditional craftsmanship. Of course, we wanted to take up this topic in the music video, but we also wanted to avoid leaning too much on the lyrics. Instead, we chose a broader interpretation by introducing two contrary but likable characters: Sunny the bakery and GoodBite the factory

Early storyboard

Pre-production began in March 2016. Since traditional craftsmanship is mostly done by hand, we couldn't resist creating a stop-motion video. Our story just demanded this particular film technique!

To get an overview of production cost and time, we almost directly created a 3D animated version of the video. As I was responsible for the pre-visualization, I started to create a virtual clone of the film set in Autodesk Maya. Even here you can find the contrast between tradition and modernity!

After a few iterations, the animatic was complete, and we knew what assets are needed. But first, we had to figure out how pop-up books work ...

Our tinkering workshop

Every team member had their construction projects assigned. We all worked very hard on creating detailed but still sturdy papercrafts that could survive weeks without any visual abrasion. Not a simple task as everything must still be suitable for animation.

The film set still under construction

Animation took three months. We didn't see the sun much this summer. Our studio setup consisted of small dedolights, a softbox, and a Canon DSLR connected to an iMac with Dragonframe. However, sometimes there is no suitable equipment for your purpose, that's when you need to get creative!

An interesting camera setup for a POV (actually a dolly slider that is somehow attached vertically)

It's the end of October, almost eight months had passed since our first meeting. Now all we had to do was transform our 3000 photos into a motion picture. After final editing in Premiere, our music video was ready for the real premiere!

A lot of assets were crafted during the production