Broken Head Helmets

July 2015  — 
 CommercialLive ActionViral Video

A viral commercial for Broken Head helmets. Created in the first semester of my study course “Film & Animation”. The video received more than three million views on Facebook within the first three months.

The idea behind the commercial was to make fun of the common Harley riders cliché. Even though some of them pretend to be tough guys, safety always comes first!

The film was shot within one afternoon on a quiet country road. Filming went almost smoothly, except that a few residents suddenly appeared to discreetly inform us about the noise pollution caused by the three motorcycles. After fixing some additional ignition problems with the scooter, the shooting was finished by the evening.

Getting ready for filming

This film project was realized by a team of three. Of course, we had some additional people supporting us during the shooting. I operated the camera (Canon DSLR), edited the film in Premiere, and made some minor corrections in After Effects.

Nothing too special about the storyboard - I hope the first semester excuses that :)