Alien Craft

April 2018  — 
 2D AnimationScience FictionShort Film

Alfred the carpenter has to close his small wood workshop due to the increasing industrial competition. But when suddenly an alien lands in his backyard, his craftsmanship takes an unexpected turn.

Alien Craft is a 2D animated short film (5 min.) and was created as a semester project at my university. The production team originally consisted of four members. My responsibilities included character rigging and animation, the illustration of about 70% of the backgrounds as well as the sound design.

Some character sketches

The motivation behind Alien Craft was to create a visual narrative that is both entertaining and thought-provoking. The story emphasizes the contrast between tradition and modernity. Even when things seem to be contradictory, there is often a way to combine the best of both. An attempt to pick up on a widespread feeling of people in modern societies.

Final character design for “Luka“ the alien

The characters were created in Photoshop and animated using motion capture in Adobe Character Animator. Additional animations such as arm movements, object interactions, or camera movements were done with Duik in After Effects. Music and sounds were added in Adobe Premiere and mixed in Pro Tools.

The storyboard