Time and Space Car

January 2018  — 
An imaginary advertising image

A retro-futuristic concept car inspired by Richard Arbib's Astra-Gnome. Since most cars these days look very similar, this is an attempt to create a new design language. The spacious and open design is in stark contrast to the existing conventions of contemporary automotive design.

For example, the car features a panoramic window that allows an unobstructed view of the outside world while still providing protection from wind and weather. As the car is primarily designed to be driven autonomously, the interior design is intended to feel like a comfortable personal bubble.

Car in front of a traditional house

The car was created using a procedural modeling workflow in Modo. Since I wanted all shapes to look smooth and flowing, I decided to use curves as the underlying basis for the entire design process. After many iterations, I had a basic car body that was fully customizable regarding shape and size. The panorama window even adjusted its shape automatically!

For the presentation of the car, I wanted to create two types of visuals. First, a studio shot, which emphasizes the unique design. And second, a shot in an urban environment that shows what the car would look like in front of a typical house. Both images were created with Photoshop.

The untextured 3D model