About Me

My name is Julian Witusch and I am a graduate designer from Nuremberg, Germany.
I work on a variety of creative projects, most of which are films.

My journey started in 2011 with a simple Lego stop-motion film on YouTube. As I liked the concept of creating shared narrative experiences, I began experimenting. While I went to high school on the side, I not only produced more stop-motion films but also started creating video games, board games, animations, tutorials, gaming videos, and even cat videos :)

After high school, I decided to further deepen my knowledge and started studying design with a major in “Film & Animation” at the Nuremberg Institute of Technology. After my practical training semester at Nintendo, I began working on my bachelor project - a 2D animated short film. In August 2019, I finally graduated with a Bachelor of Arts. Recently, I started teaching myself music production.

Feel free to contact me ⭐️

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